Crypto mining on AWS and GCP after “The Merge”

Yes, you can still mine crypto in the public clouds even after the Ethereum switch to Proof of Stake!

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The new AWS instance that makes ETH mining profitable

Mining Ethereum on AWS until now wasn’t profitable. This new AWS instance is the game changer that no only breaks even but can finally make you money!

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EC2 instances, RDS database and many other resources reside in VPCs. To access them we need a network connectivity - either through a VPN, Direct Connect, or through a Jump / Bastion Host. That's stating the obvious. Sometimes, however, it's inconvenient or difficult to achieve a direct connectivity ad-hoc - maybe you are in a [...]

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SSM Sessions the easy way

In the previous post - Using SSM Session Manager for interactive instance access - I showed you how to access EC2 instances through AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Sessions without having to open Security Groups or firewall ports, maintain SSH keys, VPNs, Jump Hosts, and so on. The native way for starting a SSM Session with [...]

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IP-Ranges Updater

Back in March I wrote about a command line script filter-ip-ranges that can parse the Amazon-published ip-ranges.json file and look up address ranges by region, service or IP address. That's handy for the occasional manual use or for creating or updating some whitelists or Security Groups through aws-cli. But running an aws-cli script from cron [...]

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CloudWatch Log Mailer

Feeding logs from various AWS services to CloudWatch Logs is a common pattern. From Lambda logs, through ECS Task logs, to Linux /var/log/* messages forwarded by awslogs daemon, they can end up in CloudWatch. How can we monitor them - and get alerted - when something of interest gets logged? People often use Elastic Search, [...]

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Sometimes it's handy to know what IP address ranges are used in different AWS Regions. You may want to whitelist access to your region AWS endpoints, or from global CloudFront location, or set up some special routing rules, or look up which region a certain IP belongs to. ip-ranges.json & filter-ip-ranges AWS publishes ip-ranges.json [...]

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Monitoring temperature with Raspberry Pi and AWS IoT

Working as a Senior AWS Consultant for one of the New Zealand's leading AWS consulting providers means that I'm expected to have a hands on experience with as many AWS services as possible. In this series I will walk you through my first project that makes use of AWS IoT service. Background In one [...]

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