EC2 instances, RDS database and many other resources reside in VPCs. To access them we need a network connectivity - either through a VPN, Direct Connect, or through a Jump / Bastion Host. That's stating the obvious. Sometimes, however, it's inconvenient or difficult to achieve a direct connectivity ad-hoc - maybe you are in a [...]

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SSM Sessions the easy way

In the previous post - Using SSM Session Manager for interactive instance access - I showed you how to access EC2 instances through AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Sessions without having to open Security Groups or firewall ports, maintain SSH keys, VPNs, Jump Hosts, and so on. The native way for starting a SSM Session with [...]

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Using SSM Session Manager for interactive instance access

You may argue that interactive login to EC2 instances should never be needed. Everything is dynamic, automated, self healing, centrally logged, and so on and there is no place for human interaction, right? But lets be honest - the world isn't perfect and we all sometimes need to jump into bash to do stuff for [...]

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