Crypto mining on AWS and GCP after “The Merge”

Yes, you can still mine crypto in the public clouds even after the Ethereum switch to Proof of Stake!

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The new AWS instance that makes ETH mining profitable

Mining Ethereum on AWS until now wasn’t profitable. This new AWS instance is the game changer that no only breaks even but can finally make you money!

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CloudFormation Service Roles

Sometimes we want to give users the ability to create pretty much anything with CloudFormation but at the same time prevent them from doing the same through the console or aws-cli. Perhaps it's a company policy that everything must be managed using CloudFormation. Or on the other hand you may have Admin privileges but want [...]

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CloudFormation package & deploy

Easily deploy complex CloudFormation templates with external resources such as Lambdas or nested stacks.

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CloudFormation Exports

If you are a CloudFormation user you have probably come across a situation where an ID of a resource created in one stack (e.g. Subnet ID from VPC-Stack) is needed in another, independent stack, for example to create an EC2 instance in EC2-Stack. The traditional approach is to pass Outputs from one template to Parameters [...]

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CloudWatch Log Mailer

Feeding logs from various AWS services to CloudWatch Logs is a common pattern. From Lambda logs, through ECS Task logs, to Linux /var/log/* messages forwarded by awslogs daemon, they can end up in CloudWatch. How can we monitor them - and get alerted - when something of interest gets logged? People often use Elastic Search, [...]

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